Balaton Karika 24

Join Us for an Electrifying Experience around Lake Balaton in Hungary!

Balaton Karika 24 is not just an event; it's a movement celebrating the freedom and excitement of riding PEVs while building a positive image in the minds of the everyday people. Whether you're a pro rider hungry for a race or new to the world of Onewheels and other rideables, there's something for everyone.

This event celebrates the growing culture of PEVs, with a special focus on Onewheels. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Balaton, this event is poised to make waves in the Onewheel community as we gear up to become part of the prestigious European Onewheel League as a Tier 2 event.

Secure your tickets now!

  • Wacky Wheels (Friday)

    • Male ticket - 150 €
    • Woman ticket - 75 €
    • Grom (<14) ticket - 50 €
    • 1st prize of the Male Competition is a Floatwheel.
    • 1st place also gains access to EØL Finals in Portugal.
    • Weighted Scoring System ensures that rider skills outshines board performance.
    • Multiple obstacles and tasks along the race course to help you gain points aside best lap times.
    • Penalties if you make mistakes.
    • Balatonfüred Forrás Sportpark: Ridehermes, Google Maps
    • Epic Hungarian Cousine made in a cauldron to feed us after the race day.
  • Group Ride (Saturday) - 50 €

    • First 70-100 km
    • Fun games and challenges
    • Floatwheel Demo
    • Group Photos
    • Building a Burnerz Board Statue
    1. Füred Kemping: Start at 8.00 AM
    2. Három Majom: This spot is a great place for a quick breakfast, offering a quirky and relaxed environment.
    3. Balatonkenese Széchenyi Park
    4. Tópart Étterem: [LUNCH TIME] Known for its lakeside views, Tópart Étterem provides a scenic stopover where participants can refuel both their Onewheels and themselves with some delicious local cuisine.
    5. Zamárdi Vízi Sport Bázis: This water sports base in Zamárdi adds a bit of aquatic flair to the ride. It's a spot where riders can charge their devices and take a quick dip to cool off.
    6. Szántód Rév: Saying Goodbye to those who take the ferry and finish up the small circle.
    7. Helka Sörkert: A beer garden with character, Helka Sörkert is the ideal place to grab a refreshing drink, charge up, and mingle with fellow riders and locals.
    8. Amigo Étterem: This restaurant is a welcoming spot for participants to relax, charge their Onewheels, and indulge in some hearty Hungarian meals, providing a taste of local gastronomy.
    9. Napsugár Kemping: The final stop of the day. Our camping site ate Fonyód.
  • Balaton Wheelathon (Sunday)- 30 €

    • 100km endurance ride
    • You can stick together and continue the group ride vibe as on Saturday or push it til the end of the full circle.
    • Provided with map of charging spots.
    • Set the best time around the lake and get on the online pedestal.
    • No Lunch provided on this day.
  • Basic Camping - 18 €

    Tent and hammock spots will be granted in Balatonfüred Tourist Camping for Thursday and Friday at the starting spot and for Saturday at Napsugár Kemping in Fonyód. If you need accommodation for Wednesday and Sunday, let us know in the Registration Form.

  • Camping Upgrade (limited)

    We can help you book better accommodation close to the camping sites. Also there are apartment options inside the campings in limited numbers. If you need help, let us know in the Registration Form.

  • Cheapskater

    Everyone should be able to attend the event, no matter the costs. We won't be able to ensure charging, food or care for these riders and if the police or any authorities are asking, we don't even know you. If you want to support our work you can donate during the event. More info on this later.. But basically you need to take care of yourself.

Detailed Program Plan and Useful Information



Wacky Wheels

At a minimum of 8 ESK8 or 8 EUC underground applicants, we might consider a non-ow race too. (Let us know by filling out the registration form!)

Saturday Group Ride


Balaton Wheelathon






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  • Floatwheel

    Tony is providing the 1st prize of the male competition in the Wacky Wheels race. Thanks a lot to Floatwheel for elevating the quality of our event!

  • Float Life Europe

    Benoit is providing a gift for us to giveaway at our event! Thank you very much for contributing and see you at the event!

  • Appsolute Sport

    The 1st Hungarian Onewheel Reseller. They land us their spare boards for emergencies and even for rental. Meet them on Friday and try out their badass e-bikes too!

  • Mad Scientist

    This Hungarian Craft Brewery is making sure that the atmosphere charged and not just our boards.

Balaton Karika 23